I wonder why I’ve waited so long to write about the number one question I get while being pregnant.  “How long will you teach spin class?”  As the weeks go on and my belly grows bigger, my students get more and more curious as to when I’ll take my “maternity leave” from teaching spin classes.  I’ve been saying all along that I’ll teach until baby Kai comes.

I did have to shop around for a doctor that supported my workout schedule.  Whether I’m teaching spin class or taking a 90 min, heated (80-90 degrees) power yoga class I wanted a doctor that was on board with my progressive workouts.  I’ve been pretty faithful with working out 5 days a week for my entire pregnancy.  The first doctor I saw was very honest in saying that she didn’t have experience with fit pregnant women.  She strongly discouraged a heart rate above 140 bpm.  Even though I’ve been teaching spin classes for 12 years and workout almost everyday she still frowned upon the idea.  For me, I can’t even break a sweat with a heart rate of 140 bpm.  I knew right away that we wouldn’t be a good fit and would keep looking for a doctor.  I understand that the textbook recommendation for pregnant women while working out is to keep your heart rate at 140 bpm or below.  However, it is also recommended to maintain your current workout regimen while pregnant within reason of course.  The second doctor I found recommended that I workout everyday and forget my heart rate.  Now, we’re talking.  She said I should focus on the talk test to monitor my intensity.  So, as long as I can talk and breathe fairly well, I’m fine.  I appreciated her laid back attitude but know myself all too well.  I knew I needed to keep myself in line because I am one of those crazy ladies that love going anaerobic while working out.  I immediately went to REI and purchased a heart rate monitor to KIR (keep it real).  Personally, I can “feel” and “talk” fine while teaching spin but my heart rate monitor alarm goes off to let me know my heart rate is a bit high.  I manage my intensity by getting off the bike a lot and pay close attention to my heart rate monitor.  My heart rate can be as high as 165 during the warm up so monitoring my exertion is a fair amount to manage while teaching.  Let’s just say that the hour flys by.

The funny part about teaching spin while pregnant is the poddy breaks.  So far, I have been successful in NOT having to go to the bathroom while teaching my 1 hour spin class.  However, when I take a spin or power yoga class I almost always have to dash to the restroom during class.  Go figure.

All all, I love teaching spin classes and feel most like myself while teaching.  Is it comfortable to teach spin while 38 weeks pregnant?  Hmmm, maybe not “comfortable” but definitely doable.  Do I always  “feel” like working out?  No, not so much.  But, I’m always glad I did!   “Is it worth it to continue working out while pregnant? Absolutely!  I think working out while pregnant has been a blessing and a treat for me and baby Kai.  I sleep and feel the best after my intense workouts.

I definitely recommend working out while pregnant, especially if you were a workout queen before you became pregnant.  I hope that my students feel encouraged and inspired while working out with me and my belly.  I certainly feel motivated and oh so happy while working out with them!

Did you workout while pregnant?  I would love to hear your take on working out while pregnant.