White Island is New Zealand’s only active marine volcano and is only a hop, skip and jump away from Whakatane. (49k from Whakatane, which is usually a 90 min boat ride)

After the 2 hour “bumpy” boat ride, I was ecstatic to arrive at White Island. The night before the trip White Island Tour called to let us know that the trip was a maybe because of the swell. The next morning they called 90 minutes before departure to let us know it was on. As we drove to the dock, it was foggy, lightly raining and a little chilly. The ocean looked a little rough but the show must go on.

Posing on White Island with yellow sulfur crystals oozing behind us. The sulfur was so strong that my eyes were stinging and burning before we got to the island. I wore my gas mask most of the time and noticed that people who didn’t wear it were coughing quite a bit. As we walked to the crater’s edge, I could hear hissing and see plenty of steam rising out of nearby puddles.

Sean striking a pose on White Island.

Boiling pool of water on White Island

All Aboard! Taking the quick dingy ride between the island and the boat.

White Island in all it’s glory.

Saw a school of dolphins on the ride back which was my favorite part! Sunny, warm and easy boat ride back to Whakatane.