I’ve been in such a Baby Fever Blur that I didn’t notice the unspoken Kid Club.  My husband and I were on a walk in NE Portland and got the “look” from a mom with two little ones.  He noticed it and mentioned how people with kids look at us and treat us differently with the belly. I couldn’t agree more, it’s like this unspoken club that parents are in and we are being invited because of the belly.  There have been a handful of situations in the past month where parents with little ones are extremely friendly and chatty with us.  I’ve been taking it all in as the “pregnancy treatment.”  Like when we were in Kauai on our Babymoon and the girl at the gas station let me use the “broken, not for public use” bathroom.  I watched her tell the person in front of me that the bathroom wasn’t open to the public and that it was broken.  As I asked her where the nearest public bathroom was, she gave me a head tilt nod and said  go ahead and use it because I was pregnant.  Or the fact that 99% of all people will hold the door open for me when I’m still 10 feet away.  It happens everywhere-at the gym, the coffee shop and at the grocery store.

Needless to say, I love being in “the club.”  I’m sure it’s like any other group whether it’s singles, runners or flight attendants.  People, we’re a lot like dogs in that sense.  We love to run in packs.

Loving our new pack where we can Bark Less and Wag More.