Kai falling in love with chocolate almond milk

Breastfeeding baby Kai has been a great ride! I was so determined to breastfeed that I insisted that no binky’s or bottles were used for the first month. It worked out well because we’ve had more milk than we know what to do with. However, Kai basically refused the bottle or binky after getting hooked on the boob. In the beginning, he nursed 12 times a day which was good for my milk supply but pretty tiring. I continued to pump here and there thinking that frozen breastmilk would mean freedom or yoga classes for me. It did but was a little bumpy for everyone. He barely took the bottle at 12 months so we introduced the sippy cup right away. Around 12 months is when I started offering cow milk, which he would instantly spit out. We tried goat milk, soy milk, rice milk, almond milk, vanilla and regular flavors which he continued to spit out. After a month or two, I quit trying and figured my milk would dry up after going back to work. It didn’t so two weeks ago, I offered chocolate almond milk. He spit it out at first but after I put some on his tongue he seemed interested. After that it was love at first taste!

Kai chugging his chocolate almond milk

Looking back at the last 6 months, I’m amazed that I returned to work as an on call flight attendant and continued to breastfeed and pump 4-6 times a day. Packing around my pumped breastmilk for 2-4 days on trips. My god, that was crazy! Thanks to my friend, chocolate almond milk we are down to breakfast and dinner nursing sessions. Nursing twice a day is a piece of cake. I will say that cutting out one nursing session costs me a day of agony. So, I have stretched it out over the last two weeks to make it as comfortable as possible for me. The human body is incredible because after one day of pain my body adjusts. It’s like I’ve been nursing twice a day forever but really it’s only been a week.