It’s official, we hired an Au Pair! I never thought I’d want a nanny or an au pair for that matter. However, sometimes what you want changes when you’re in the situation.

13 month old baby Kai having a little snick snack

After a month of interviewing nannies, au pairs and lots of talking we finally found someone. We have an arrival date of July 9th and are tickled pink to meet Camela from Chile! She will be living with us and helping us with baby Kai for a year. She speaks excellent english, seems to have a great attitude and loves to travel.

7 month old baby Kai kickin it in the bassinet on the flight to New Zealand last December

Hopefully, this will make it easier for me to have “my little something” on the side. Last week when we were having a family meeting my husband called me out on what I call being a full time, on call flight attendant-“A little something” on the side. I really called it that. Now, I understand that traveling 3-4 days at a time, every week is far from being a stay at home mom. However, being a stay at home mom with a little something on the side is what I always pictured for myself. I think hiring an au pair will allow me to keep my job, give Sean a hand when I’m out of town and the space to think about what I want and how to make it happen.

All strapped in, ready for a walk to the park

Anyway, having Camela come couldn’t happen soon enough. June was a tough month for our family with crazy traveling, working, getting sick and trying to keep it altogether. The day she arrives I will be coming home at 6am from a 4 day trip which ends with me working the alnighter flight from Anchorage. Sean is also in a wedding that day which is out of town. Camela doesn’t arrive until that evening so it could be a little tricky. The best part is that we share a car, which was fine until I went back to work. Now, it’s a little nuts…