Wow, I read about having vivid dreams while pregnant but didn’t realize their intensity.  Without rhyme or reason I can have the most intense dreams these days.  They might include family, friends or random people from the street.  They could be rated G or (snicker snicker) rated R.  They ALL  feel so real.  Sometimes, I feel like a teenage boy going through puberty or a character in a 3D movie…  It’s actually quite exhausting having vivid dreams.  When you wake you feel like you’ve been running all over the place.  Before I was pregnant, wild dreams might happen with too much late night chocolate, facebook surfing or scary movies.  These days, pre-bedtime activity doesn’t matter.  In the beginning of my pregnancy, I was baffled by what my mind could come up with.

Rolling along at 35 weeks, I’ve learned to let it be and enjoy the dream ride.