Sure, I can buy diapers and food when we get to where we’re going but it’s not the same…

We are in Ohope, New Zealand and I’ve still got a lot to learn about packing for our trips. I am the CEO of packing in our family and try and mix it up everytime. I did okay for Kai but left out some crucial things for me. This time, I really packed light and regret it a little. Sure, I can buy most of what I need here in New Zealand but it’s a little different and not always available.

Here is my new travel checklist when traveling with a toddler:

1. Bob Stroller (wouldn’t leave home without it)

Squeezing in a run after breakfast, love the BOB! (Kai clutching his snack trap filled with cheerios)

2. Petunia Pickle Bottom Diaper Bag (19 months later and I still love it!)

So handy because I haven’t seen ANY diaper changing areas in public yet.

3. A week’s supply of diapers and wet wipes

Enough to tide you over until you get settled.

4. 5 ish favorite sippy cups and snack trap cups (None of my mom friend’s have seen these gems)

5. All Medicines

I brought all of Kai’s medicines but left ours at home. Normally that’s fine but it’s the beginning of summer here so I wish I had an antihistamine¬† or two for me.

6. Your Favorite Baby Lotions and Potions

Some of my favorites for sensitive skin are: California baby sunscreen, California Baby Leave in Conditioner, Aveeno Body Wash, Bordeaux’s natuaral buttpaste for diaper rash.

7. Ipad

Kai has his own and it’s quite handy for learning games. I downloaded a sleep sound machine app, which is louder and better than his Gracco that I fried by plugging it in the New Zealand adapter.

8. Sport Brella

We haven’t used it yet but I’m still happy I have it.

9. Full Body SPF 50 Swimsuits

They have them here in New Zealand but like most things are super expensive and I haven’t seen his size yet.

10. Zip Lock Baggies and Lysol wipes

Zip lock baggies are¬†expensive in New Zealand but I haven’t found anything close to my beloved lysol wipes.