It was Baby Kai’s first time at daycare. I wanted to do a dry run before I taught my class on Wednesday. It all started with a bang as he woke up from his nap and only wanted a “little snack” from me. I wanted to give him a full feeding so he would be less fussy as we entered the baby witching hour. As I was walking out the door, the gutter guys were here asking about fixing certain gutters. I had no idea where to send them but chatted with them just long enough to make me behind schedule. Finally, I got to the gym, parked and brought baby Kai to the daycare. He was the last one in, whew I made it. I changed his diaper again because they can’t change diapers and will come and get you if there is a poop. It’s the first time that I hoped he didn’t poop. The other reason they’ll come get you out of class is if the baby is crying/fussy for longer than a few minutes. Oh great, because he’s usually in bed by this time. And with the recent time change it feels later for everyone.

The spin class was full and the instructor was quizzing everyone about signing in. She threatened to get the list from the front desk and do roll call which is time consuming and embarrassing. Luckily, two people that didn’t sign up jumped off their bikes.

First, let me say the spin instructor looked like she should be on the cover of the BodyBuilder magazine. I was in the back row (in case Kai pooped and I had to leave) so couldn’t see her lower body but her arms looked like “man arms.” The instructor turned out to be unbelievable. She sang loudly in the microphone (which I don’t do and don’t like) for the entire class. She raced a crazy pace with unreal RPM’s and Watts all while singing the songs. And made crazy facial expressions while breathing heavy and singing in the microphone. It felt like I was at a bad, middle aged Brittany Spears concert. Don’t get me wrong, it was a good workout but it was all about “Brittany.”

There was a woman riding a bike in front of me that almost fell off her bike while trying to keep up with the bodybuilder instructor. Her tennis shoes kept popping out of the lose straps and she looked like she was going to pass out. The bodybuilder instructor did all sorts of one handed drills, outrageous standing speed drills while shouting out specific wattage she wanted from everyone. The thing about wattage is that it measures energy output. Let’s just say that not everyone in a spin class is capable of the same energy output. This made for an interesting class. Half way through the class I realized that the girl at the daycare didn’t check my ID. Shit Fuck. Oh well, I’m sure she’ll remember me and won’t accidentally give baby Kai away to some other interested woman.

It was a good reminder for me as a spin instructor to keep it about the students. More of you, less of me is a good class in my opinion.

Update: I left 10 minutes early because I couldn’t take anymore of “Brittany” and had a funny feeling about Kai. Turns out the daycare supervisor wanted to come and get me because he was crying on and off for the last 1/2 hour but wanted to let me finish the class. She said anyone else would’ve come to get me. Sure am glad I did the dry run. Looks like I’ll be getting a sub for my Wednesday spin class.