Kai and I walking into the gym before I taught my spin class

I teach a 5pm spin class on Wednesday nights and have experimented with taking Kai with me. It’s worked out once at the gym daycare where they didn’t come upstairs to pull Sean out of class multiple times. Last night, Sean was out of town and Kai is almost 13 months old so I thought it was a good time to “try it alone.” There are two worst case scenarios where they come and get you out of class. One is pooping (because they won’t change diapers) and the other is crying for more than a few minutes. The crying has happened to us a number of times and I just crossed my fingers and toes last night as I waved goodbye and walked upstairs to teach my class. I was a little nervous after he had two silly little naps yesterday and seemed really cranky around 4pm. To make it even more exciting, babies take 3 spots so I needed to get there extra early.

Kai having one last feed 15 minutes before class starts

There were 4 spots left after we arrived at 4:15pm so we made the cut! I hung out with him until 4:45pm, fed him a jar of baby food and let him nurse up until the end. I singled out one of the three girls (a different one from the other times) and told her I was alone and would appreciate it if she could “try” and keep him until 6pm. Her name was Katie and she said “oh he’ll be fine for an hour.”

Sure enough, Katie was holding him when I went to pick him up. She said he did really good but likes to be held a lot. Who doesn’t? :) She also said that she thought he had just pooped because he coughed and it sounded and smelled like it. Wow, what timing. Turned out it was just a power fart, no poop. I gave Katie a little tip and told her I’d see her next week!