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New Zealand Summer

As summer comes to a close in New Zealand, we’ve been reflecting on what an awesome experience it’s been. Play Day at Lake Rotoma Digging At West End- Ohope Beach, New Zealand Pool Party Date Day at West End, Ohope Beach Pony love at Playcentre

Pumping On The Airplane, It Wasn’t As Bad As I Imagined

Life has changed! I went back to work as an on call flight attendant on April 1st, 2011. Hectic is probably the best word to describe how it’s going. I appreciate working moms more than ever. Before, I went back to work I felt like I was scrambling for “enough” time to get stuff done […]

Breastfeeding While Working As A Flight Attendant

Going back to work as an “on call” or “reserve” flight attendant has been a huge family effort. We’ve been talking and planning it for a long time. Most people ask me while they scrunch up their face, how will you do this? Can you continue breastfeeding while being a flight attendant? What does it […]

My Top Ten Baby Articles

I can hardly believe that baby Kai is 11 months old today! Having a baby has been the ride of my life. Traveling and working out as much as possible with little or no sleep has been quite an adventure. Thank god for the 8 month turn around. (where Kai started sleeping through the night) […]

Cabo Pictures

Kai sporting his sunglasses and his SPF 55 full body suit in Cabo Standing up with a wide straddle is fun Not sure who has more fun in the pool, me or Kai Striking a pose between laps Walking around the Cabo compound On our way home, Kai was wiggling like crazy with some of […]