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How To Travel Well With Babies

Recently, we took the circus to Maui. It was our first real vacation as a family of five. Traveling with twin infants and a 3 year old is pretty wild but I came up with a list of five must haves to make it easier on mama. 1. Ipad The Ipad was only meant for […]

Being Married To An Entrepreneur Is A Constant Adventure

Five years ago when I signed up for I was hoping to get some good leads. I never thought I would meet my husband online… I always thought that I could meet a nice guy online who I didn’t date but became buddies with. It was one of his friends whom I thought I […]

Happy New Year! Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

I am happy to say goodbye to 2012 and hello to the new year! Aside from my beautiful MoMo babies being born and coming home, 2012 kicked my butt! Mentally, physically and with my MoMo pregnancy starting in April-I am pooped. We lived in 4 houses, 2 countries and 2 states in 2012. Strapped to […]

Flying On JetBlue As A Passenger Was A Good Experience

Attitude is Everything I first heard this saying as a little girl from my parents. Wise people they are! Recently, I flew from Portland, OR to Long Beach, CA on JetBlue airlines. It was my first personal trip on an airplane alone (since having Kai). I shopped around because Spring Break airline prices were so […]

Reverse Culture Shock – Returning To America

We’ve been back in America for 2 weeks and the reverse cultural shock has been surprisingly wonderful for me. We were lucky enough to stay with family for the first week which was amazing! Seeing family after traveling afar is really special especially with a toddler. Chachacha-Changes! I feel like Kai has really blossomed into […]