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Grateful For My Inpatient Stay With My MoMo Twins

One year ago this Saturday, I checked myself into the hospital for aggressive fetal monitoring for my high risk Momo pregnancy. I was scared, but wanted to do whatever I could to potentially help our unborn identical twin girls. I can barely think about the details of that day and the following 31 days of […]

Introducing Our Identical Twin Girls; Blaize and Pepper

My babydolls are 10 weeks old today! Born at 32 weeks after a rocky MoMo pregnancy, I’m happy to say that they are both 7+ pounds. Pepper and Blaize

Happy New Year! Goodbye 2012, Hello 2013

I am happy to say goodbye to 2012 and hello to the new year! Aside from my beautiful MoMo babies being born and coming home, 2012 kicked my butt! Mentally, physically and with my MoMo pregnancy starting in April-I am pooped. We lived in 4 houses, 2 countries and 2 states in 2012. Strapped to […]

Our MoMo Babies Are Home

After a grueling 8 month pregnancy, 30+ ultrasounds, bi-weekly Dr appointments, 32 days of electronic fetal monitoring for 16-22hrs per day, gaining 52 pounds of baby weight AND 28 days in the Nicu (neonatal intensive care unit) we brought our special MoMo babies home last Sunday! The girls were discharged on Sunday afternoon weighing 5 […]

Breastfeeding Babies In The Nicu Requires A Lot Of Dedication

I am officially a milk maid again. This time, I’m a pumping milk maid though. Yes, we are practicing breastfeeding at least twice a day in the Nicu but the majority of breast milk is delivered via their feeding tubes. Holding my miracle momo babies together for the first time!