Storytime in Hood River is on Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30am for 1/2 hour. One librarian leads the group in song and dance and reads a couple of books. Afterwards, people can hang out and color pictures. We’ve only been to one storytime in Hood River but the teacher in While Salmon seemed more engaging and lively. Who knows maybe it’s the group energy? The coolest part is that it’s only a 2 minute walk from our apartment in Hood River-I love that!

Kai exuberantly running to storytime in Hood River.
No you don’t need to bring your own book, he just insisted.

Kai charging toward the library stairs.

Funny part is that Kai was stoked for storytime but felt a little restless. He yelled “no” during the songs and ran wild through the library instead of sitting in the circle. Oh well, maybe next week!