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Lately, I’m wondering what the hours are for a stay at home mom? Since returning to work as an on call flight attendant two months ago, I find myself wondering when do I get time off? Of course, decent layovers can be “my time” but those have been far and few between. I know everybody is different and every family has their own style. We’re certainly still figuring out our style. It’s a lot of schedule juggling with my energetic, entrepreneur husband, and my aggressive work schedule. I’m wondering if sharing baby duty 50/50 on weekends and nights is reasonable?

If one person brings home the bacon and the other person contributes some perks does that make it a 50/50 deal? We’re in the thick of our “transplant period” of me returning to work after being home for 2 1/2 years. But are stay at home moms really working 24-7?

Specifically, I’m wondering about household responsibilities. If you work outside the house and provide little financial support for your family are you still expected to handle 90% of childcare responsibilities 24-7?  I can really see both sides, which is why I wanted to write this post. I can understand that one person needs to take the lead with childcare and scheduling so there’s consistency. I can also see splitting the child and household duties 50% on nights and weekends for everybody’s sanity.

I’m just curious about you and your style? Do you think it’s best for one person to be the primary caretaker most of the time but share the responsibility on nights and weekends? Or are you always “working” while at home? Maybe that’s part of the glory of getting to stay at home with your kids?

I do understand that rarely is it cut and dry in relationships and compromise with children is a constant. But it’s nice to talk about the nitty gritty and learn about different styles as we wiggle into “our style.”