Recently, a dear friend of mine emailed me to ask what it is I love about the Bikram yoga?

I’ve been traveling, sick and recovering so haven’t had a chance to respond. David, here is what I love about the Bikram yoga:

Dazed and confused immediately after a bikram yoga class (notice the steam coming off my head)

1. It’s 112 degrees so I’m nice and warm the whole time (I hate to be cold)

2. The combination of the heat and the 90 minute class allows my mind to slow down

3. I sweat like crazy and feel like I’ve had a killer workout every time

4. The intensity feels like the first time, even though the poses are familiar (same 26 poses in the same order every time) It’s a guaranted workout!

5. It feels like a huge accomplishment so if nothing else gets done that day, I’m okay because I did my bikram yoga

6. I talk slower, think slower and move slower after a bikram yoga class. I take my yoga buzz with me for the rest of the day and in the midst of chaotic schedules, I am calm…