We planned this aggressive yoga trip back in 2010 when Kai was a newborn. Two of our favorite teachers in Portland were hosting a week long yoga retreat in Sayulita, Mexico and we wanted in on it. The teachers assured us that bringing an 11 month old baby with us would be just fine. It was fine but I wouldn’t want to do it again.

Kai and I at Choco Banana restaurant in downtown Sayulita. (2 days before the yoga retreat)

Haramara yoga retreat in Sayulita Mexico is a wonderful sanctuary for adults. The casitas and restaurant are open air without walls and are located high on the mountainside in Sayulita. Kai started walking about 2 weeks before we left for Mexico which made things even more intense. With no walls and lots of cliffs, I felt like I couldn’t take my eyes off of him for one second. In addition to the high cliffs there was no electricity of any kind. Headlamps and lots of hiking to get back and forth made for a bonus workout all day long.

This retreat included 4-6 hours of yoga/meditation everyday which seemed like a good idea when we paid for it a year earlier. Luckily, they had a crib at Haramara which I thought would make sleeping better. It wasn’t the case because it was so light and with the crib next to our bed, Kai would wake up every 2-3 hours screaming until I nursed him. After the first night, I woke up with a bad stomach which turned into five days of the Mexican torture. Kai began vomiting and refused to eat any food for the next five days so it turned into survival mode for me. Let me paint the picture, no sleep, yoga twice a day (with an option of a seated meditation up to 2 hours before sunrise), bad Mexican stomach and daily 90min deep tissue massages. In theory, the daily 90min massages sound awesome but they even became too much. We were doing the meditation, the yoga, rushing through breakfast and then doing the massage with a quick trade of Kai. I don’t remember having 5 minutes of downtime on that trip.

The really exciting part was hiring local nannies in Mexico when we arrived. I had a lot of anxiety about this and kept talking myself down saying to myself, it’ll be fine… It was fine but quite stressful for me. I know I’m not supposed to say this but yes, I was worried that someone would steal my cute little baby.

Here are a few pictures of local nannies that we hired for $15 US dollars/hour through a babysitting site in Sayulita.

A babysitter from the first hotel that we stayed at was very sweet and watched Kai while Sean and I went running.

Kai’s regular nanny and my favorite nanny was a girl named Amaranda who was recommened by Haramara yoga retreat

She came to Haramara twice a day and would arrive as early as 6am. We liked Amaranda so much we asked her to come to home with us! She was flattered but wasn’t ¬†interested. She said that is some people’s dream but wasn’t hers. If you are visiting Sayulita and want an excellent nanny who speaks and reads english at a conversation level, let me know.

The three of us having a snuggle in the restaurant during dinner

Overall, the trip was good with some tough parts but I’m glad we did it. We wanted to go so badly and I think we would have wondered what it would’ve been like. Now we know. Haramara yoga retreat was a beautiful place to do yoga but I recommend leaving your baby at home. I definitely felt like I needed a vacation from our “vacation.” I’m just sayin…