No one told me that as my belly grows bigger, shaving my Vah jay jay would become a process.  People mentioned how you couldn’t see your feet or thighs when you get really pregnant.  I knew that day would come but I enjoyed the beginning because I could pull my stomach to the side to sneak a peak while I shaved.  As my stomach got big and hard, that became near impossible.  And all of the sudden it wasn’t working.  My husband suggested that I use  a mirror.  Great idea!  I’m wondering if everyone else just lets it go wild for 10 months?  I knew that wouldn’t fly with me because I like to shave my armpits everyday.  Anyway, I pulled out my little Sephora compact mirror and began shaving.  It’s a little slippery with the soap, steam and razor.  I just take my time and shave the free range stuff thinking “it’s better than nothing.”  I’m really interested in taking my sister up on that pregnancy wax offer.  It sounds a little painful but so nice to have a tidy Vah jay jay for weeks.  I suppose I should hurry up and book with Tiffany at

I don’t want to look  like a 9 year old little girl down there but wouldn’t mind getting something short and tight  that will allow me to put my little mirror back in the drawer where it belongs.