G’Day to Brandy’s Blog from New Zealand.

This is her husband Sean.  I asked Brandy if I could write a guest post about the Indie Travel Manifesto and how it impacts our life as a couple.  She said, “yes”.   Here goes… Photo first cuz they are fun. Here is one of all 3 of us on Christmas Day this year having a laugh.

We launched the Indie Travel Manifesto today.  It’s a community statement of values of what is important to a group of travelers that we call Indie (Short for Independent).

I also wrote an article on BootsnAll announcing the launch.

Which gets back to Brandy and I.  The time we are spending in New Zealand has been epic in a lot of ways.  It has gotten us out of the the normal everyday pattern we were in back in the Pacific Northwest and it’s helping me personally live the statements in the manifesto in a more meaningful way.

Here are a few samples and why for me and I hope Brandy.

Options over possessions – We could not bring much for our 4 months in New Zealand. It is liberating to not have to take care of all the crap we accumulate over the years. This has opened up the possibility of what we can do everyday versus staying in our home in the PacNW.

Seek Pleasure in Simple Moments and Details – We are in a small town and finding pleasure in simple moments happens every day for us here. I personally go for a walk almost every day as the sun comes up on the beach and harbour. It is amazing and beautiful to enjoy.

I’ve started saying to Brandy, “tough life, eh?”. Things are drilled down to the essentials for us here, or at least we choose to do it more here, than we do in more familiar environments. The outdoors is right here, not a 1/2 hour drive away and I appreciate it everyday. An attitude of gratittude I have to be so close to nature and people.

Make Meaningful Connections and Informed Decisions – Since life is a bit more simple here, we are spending the free time that we have with friends and new acquaintances almost daily. Spur of the moment get togethers happen all the time. Because of this, it feels like we are making meaningful connections.

Not sure why, but it was not as easy for us to spend time with friends back home. I will try harder next time we are there for sure.

That’s all I have for now. Hope you enjoyed the guest post from Baby Mama Husband and we hope to connect and see you all soon. I’m just sayin’….