Baby Kai had a great time exploring the hotel lobby in Santa Monica.

Kai digging Lily’s ball at a playdate in Bel Air. My longtime friend Molly hosted her mommy group which ended up being 10 babies and 10 first time mamas! It was a blast for me and for Kai. :)

Sean and Kai soaking up the warm sunshine!

Cayden, Makayla and Kai chilling on the paddle board before we went out.

Had a blast paddle boarding near the Santa Monica Pier! My longtime friend came to visit with her family and we ended the evening with paddle boarding. We went out in teams because there were 3 babes between the four adults. I’m taking photos while her husband, Chris is heading into the water. We paddled fast to make it around the buoy that the surf rental guy said would take about 45min. It was incredibly flat with 20 or so seals on the buoy. After we circled around the buoy and headed back to shore, I spotted dolphins about 50 feet away. It was an awesome day with friends, sun and fun. We finished the day at Father’s Office on Montana St. One of my all time favorite burgers with the skinniest fries ever!

Chris and I paddling out to the buoy.

We were lucky enough to finish a great trip in Santa Monica by scoring a ride to LAX with Mr. @Johnnyjet himself. Life is good!