We’ve been back in America for 2 weeks and the reverse cultural shock has been surprisingly wonderful for me.

We were lucky enough to stay with family for the first week which was amazing! Seeing family after traveling afar is really special especially with a toddler. Chachacha-Changes! I feel like Kai has really blossomed into a little boy and it’s fun to share him. After our week with both sets of grandparents we headed home which was a beautiful drive along the Columbia Gorge. Reuniting with our dog Stanley has been the icing on the cake. Life over the last two weeks has been anything but dull.

I do miss my New Zealand friends and their accents. I know I’ll get excited when if I hear that sweet Kiwi accent in America. I miss living right on the beach but know being near the Columbia gorge will have it’s own summer treats. I love being so close to family so maybe we’ll take the fam with us next time. I know we’ll return to New Zealand someday so I’m enjoying the American ride right now.

Driving on the right side of the road was fairly easy almost like riding a bike again. However, I’m still running on the left side of the trail but at least noticing it. Using my iphone with easy, unlimited wifi anywhere has been a real treat. I’ve been delighted with the exceptional customer service that America offers on a regular basis. From counter service at a lunch place to coffee shops to grocery stores to Amazon. People in America are generally so service minded and that’s really nice. I’m just saying…

Local coffee shop in Hood River, OR that offers all sorts of sweetners. That’s splenda, raw sugar and stevia in the raw up top. And from left to right below is: cinnamon, nutmeg, agave nectar, honey sweetner, pure cane sweetner (perfect for iced tea) and Oregon wildflower honey. There is NO white sugar, which I love!

For the most part, coming “home” has been really easy to settle into.