Yesterday we went over the hill to watch movies in the big town of Whakatane. (About a 5 min drive from Ohope Beach) I watched the new release Due Date, which was hilarious while Sean and Kai cruised the strand (about 4 blocks of shops). Then the husband watched Tron: Legacy while Kai and I be-bopped around. It was a lot of fun to see a movie as the weather in Ohope Beach is rainy and nasty right now.

On the way home we popped by the local video store to rent a movie for this weekend. I remember renting movies from Video Ezy in March 2009 when we were touring New Zealand by camper van so figured I had an account. After I picked out my indie film, I went up to the counter and the woman tried to look up my account. She couldn’t find it by my last name or phone number. Under her breath with her strong accent she said, you must’ve used an employee account to rent videos last year so that’s what I’ll do. She charged me 8 bucks and sent me on my way. No name, no picture ID, no phone number, just $8. Wow, I’m continuously surprised how laid back Whakatane is (population 15,000). Which by the way is pronounced “Fuck-A-Tane.”

Update: I went back to rent another movie and had a different experience with a different person. This woman made a little stink about me not having a video card. She wrote down my US address and cell phone number saying that if someone forgets to return a movie they call them. I still find it interesting that there isn’t a deposit or a credit card imprint. Personally, I hate late fees so will definitely return the movies AND on time. :)