Barbara Duke started a multiples clinic in Florida years ago and decided to write a book called “When You’re Expecting Twins, Triplets, or Quads to help women all over have healthy pregnancies when expecting multiples. The chapters I gravitated toward were her nutrition chapters. Finally, something I CAN DO to help my MoMo pregnancy. She doesn’t refer to my high risk monoamniotic pregnancy but addresses the common problems associated with twin pregnancies. Pre term labor and low birth weights are the big issues and her specific recommendations of eating really hit home with me.

After 3 days of trying her high protein, high fat diet, I’m stuffed! I’m not used to eating tons of red meat and dairy so have felt a little under the weather as I try and gorge myself with all the extra calories and nutrients that she claims will help twins grow into full grown healthy babies. She claims along with many other multiple mom’s in her book that after following her nutrition guide their twins were 1/2 to 1 pound heavier than the national twin average. She suggests 3500 kcal, 176 grams of protein, 350 grams of carbs, and 155 grams of fat per day if you’re pregnant with twins. That is a lot of food! So far, I haven’t hit any of the targets but am seriously trying and it’s uncomfortable.

Twins at birth are deemed full term at 36 weeks and 3 days and the average weight is about 5.5 pounds. It’s like night and day from a singleton pregnancy, I’m not sure any of it is the same. After Kai weighed a whopping 8.8 pounds at 39 weeks, I’ll have to adjust my standards. It’s good to have the information so that I can prepare myself for the reality which is twins are a whole nother ball game.