Life has changed! I went back to work as an on call flight attendant on April 1st, 2011. Hectic is probably the best word to describe how it’s going. I appreciate working moms more than ever. Before, I went back to work I felt like I was scrambling for “enough” time to get stuff done and have a little fun. Now, it’s scrambling times 10.

If you ask my husband how it’s going he’ll tell you it’s tough but we’re surviving. If you ask me how it’s going, I’ll say where are those Maui layovers? I’ve had a few 4 day trips to Alaska, a few red eye flights and a few turns. The most interesting part for me is the pumping. So far, so good. I’m pumping 4 times a day and stashing my milk in ice buckets at hotel rooms. Keeping my pumped milk cold and lugging it around on my 4 day trip keeps me on my toes. Fortunately, I’ve only had to pump on the plane once. It was a San Jose turn last week and I was able to pump on the ground before boarding our flight home.

Tip: If you have to pump on an airplane, do it in the first class bathroom. Less traffic usually means cleaner and doesn’t smell as bad. (Of course, smell on an airplane is all relative)

On a bright note, Kai seems a little more keen toward the bottle these days. However, his new pediatrician (who I love) said at his one year appointment, forget the bottle! It’s over, move to the sippy cup. We’re still using the bottle when I’m working, but offer the sippy cup regularly. I haven’t had a Maui layover or a good trip for that matter. My fantasy of laying on the beach in Maui and sleeping in on a layover hasn’t happened yet. Maybe, this weekend?