So, we’re 16 weeks pregnant with MoMo twins and it’s been surprising every step of the way. Here are my thoughts at 16 weeks.

I can barely shave my Vah Jay Jay in the shower. I’m pretty sure I was 8 or 9 months pregnant with Kai before I needed to pull out my little black mirror. Not this time, not with twins. Bring out the little black mirror at 16 weeks baby!

I already have a steady waddle where my inner thighs stick together when I walk so I have to kick my feet out and swing by arms to move forward.

I feel full after a few bites of food because my stomach already feels squished. I manage to force feed myself at least every 3 hours in an effort to gain plenty of weight for the twins. 16 pounds so far and counting!

Feet. Oh my poor feet ache all the time. I splurged on some birkenstock sandels and new soft flip flops in hopes of easing the discomfort. I also cash in on a nightly foot massage from my lovely husband. :)

Morning Sickness is still here! It’s just mean to have “morning sickness” past the first trimester. But, it’s here kinda all day in and out in a subtle, annoying way.

Nothing fits. My tops are okay but my bottoms don’t fit. My butt has grown about 5 sizes already! About every 2 weeks, I bust out of my buttons on a new pair of shorts. So, I bought a skirt yesterday that’s stretchy and size large. Hopefully, that will get me through the summer. We shall see.

People are already asking me in public when I’m due which I actually like. I know it’s risky and taboo to ask a woman if she’s pregnant or when she’s due. However, I prefer that people recognize my belly as a pregnant belly and not just a beer belly. Which leads me into my next thought. I’ve noticed a lot of men with big ole beer bellies and I feel for them. It’s so uncomfortable to carry that much extra weight and in your belly, ugh! I wonder if they get used to it or feel super uncomfortable all the time?

I’m just saying…

Good news is that we’re going on vacation today! So, I’ll be resting and waddling around at Agate Beach this week. A change of scenery ought to be nice.