I’ve run six marathons and always thought that was a funny number to end with. So, here I am participating in my seventh and most challenging marathon yet… I’m 15 weeks pregnant with MoMo twins. Monoamniotic-Monochorionic (Momo) twins are always identical (so it’s a spontaneous pregnancy) and they share both one amniotic sac and one placenta. The good news is that we’re pregnant! Hurray! The heavy news is that this type of pregnancy is high risk with a 50% survival rate. If you want to learn more about MoMo twins, click here to get the Wikipedia explanation.

Aside from the heavy, awful morning sickness that still lingers with me, you have to spend a lot of time resting with a high risk pregnancy. Sounds nice if you’re a busy, overworked person but after a couple of days “resting” all the time gets old. Mentally and physically this has been the most challenging part for me. “Resting” and taking it easy are not my strong suits. I haven’t worked out for over 6 weeks and don’t imagine it happening anytime soon. For me, not sweating daily has been my biggest personal sacrifice.

Knowing that my babies are extremely high risk and only 1% of the twin population has been a heavy burden to carry. It’s so bittersweet. First, we found out we were pregnant-yippe! Two weeks later they see two babies on the ultrasound-Twins! And identical twins-Oh My Dog! Awesome! A couple of weeks later we found out that they are MoMo twins and extremely risky with lots of potential complications. It’s already been a roller coaster of emotions and we’re only at mile 13.

We also learned that “IF” we make it to 24 weeks the suggested best outcome involves hospitalization until delivery. Wow, after 2 weeks of knowing about hospitalization it still sounds so intense. Right now, I’m only focusing on resting and taking it easy until 24 weeks. But, in the back of my mind, I know I’ll admit myself to the hospital at 24 weeks and put myself on 24hr fetal monitoring until delivery. It still makes me cry to write this because being active is who I am and hospitalization for 8-12 weeks with 24hr fetal monitoring sounds excruciating to me. Oh, the things we do for our babies!

Our perinatologist suggested we not share our MoMo pregnancy with a lot of people because it’s so daunting with things changing on a day to day basis. I’ve been back and forth on whether or not to share our pregnancy news and decided that support is what we need most. Which is hard to come by if you keep it all to yourself. I want to put positive energy out there for our little babes and bless them with love and support. I think sharing our story as daunting as it may be is one way to do that.

I’ve joined a couple of online groups with other mama’s of MoMo twins which has been wonderful. (Facebook group called MoMo Twins, Pregnancy Birth And More, Monoamniotic.org There’s nothing like communicating with other people who are currently in the same situation or have been in your shoes, it’s strangely comforting.

I’m looking to hear about other MoMo pregnancies that end well with two healthy babies (of course after a good stay at the NICU).

Please send your happy ending stories my way!

Here’s to another 13.2 miles (or the other half of my seventh marathon) :)