I was newly pregnant and running with my running mamas group when I first heard, “9 months up, 9 months down.” Meaning you gain weight while pregnant for 9 months and it takes at least 9 months after the baby is born to lose it. Back then, 9 months to lose the baby weight sounded like a long time to me. Today, it seems quite reasonable to take 9 months to lose the baby weight. Funny how your perspective can change when you’re in the midst of it.

Part of the reason that I wanted to take 9 months to lose the baby weight was because breastfeeding and working out were really important to me. My doctor (who I love) told me that it will be a numbers game for me. She said, I’d need to eat plenty of daily calories if I wanted to breastfeed while teaching spin, running and doing power yoga. It was easy to take her advice in the beginning because I was constantly hungry. For the first 3 months, it seemed like I ate, nursed and worked out. No sleep, because baby Kai was always a great eater. I am fortunate to have a loving husband who cheered us on day or night. Sean would make me a midnight or 2am sandwich during the “fourth trimester” to hold me over til brekky.

Around 4 months is when my appetite cooled off. I no longer felt like the hungry catapillar eating my way through life. However, I was committed to breastfeeding Kai for at least 6 months so continued to gorge myself so I could keep my milk supply up and workout like crazy. There were many times when I wasn’t hungry but forced myself to “put it away.” Whether it was a burger, beer and fries at North 45 or ice cream sandwiches, I chucked it down. North 45, an upscale pub in NW Portland is one of my favorite places for the food, love for dogs and babies! My buddy co owner, Josh Johnston says “bring the baby,” drink beer. :)

At our 4 month check up, my pediatrician wanted me to wait until Kai was 6 months old before introducing solids. I was a little bummed because I was tired of forcing my self to eat insane amounts of food. I focused on the treats and it seemed pretty easy to keep the weight on. Around 7 months is when I started to recognize my body. After a month in New Zealand and Kai’s 4 teeth popping through the gums, we all started sleeping. It was glorious to go from waking up every 2 hours in New Zealand to 11-12 hours straight at night! After a couple of weeks of sleep, I decided to step it up a bit with my workouts. I added a couple of workouts and started limiting my treats to once a day.

Stuffing my face with food for 7 months paid off because baby Kai is 9 1/2 months old and we are still breastfeeding. And, I’m officially back to my pre-baby weight. Nine months later- it feels good to be back!