Kai has been obsessed with cows since we came to New Zealand. Luckily there are a lot of cows to be seen here.

Daddy and Kai getting up close and personal with the moo moos

When we first arrived in New Zealand we noticed a lot (20 or so) baby calves in a field near our house. As the calves get bigger and bigger, I love seeing them enjoying mama’s milk. I joked with Kai saying that will be him as we’re still having mama’s milk at 23 months. Good times.

Calf at Julien’s Berry Farm

Julien’s Berry Farm is a wonderful place for kids! You pick your own berries or buy them, have lunch at the cafe, play on the playground and visit the animals. There’s sheep, a baby goat, a cow and rabbits. It’s a petting zoo with no handler. The first couple of times we visited Juliens, Kai and I just looked at the animals but after I saw other locals handling the rabbits and petting the sheep and cow, we stepped it up a knotch.