We did it! We made it to our delivery date goal of 32 weeks! It’s been 1 week since our MoMo twins were born and I’m still feeling the relief. The relief of making it to 32 weeks and the relief of delivering two, tiny little breathing babies. The girls will be in the Nicu (neonatal intensive care unit) for at least a month. The nice part is that we can visit them anytime for as long as we want. We could even spend the night there as they are in the beautiful new Nicu at Legacy Emanual with private twin rooms.

Blaize Ruby Keener (aka Baby B) was born first at 1:12pm. Blaize weighed 3lbs 9oz or 1610 grams and was 16.1 inches long.

Kangaroo love with Blaize

Pepper Riley Keener (aka Baby A) was born at 1:13pm after some aggressive stomach pushing from my MFM. Pepper weighed 4lbs 3 oz or 1900 grams and was 17.1 inches long.

Kangaroo love with Pepper