Kai and his buddy Cole saying goodbye at the window

Kai has been going to school here in New Zealand for nearly 3 weeks now. The first 2 weeks were an adjustment for both of us but it’s showing to be an awesome decision. I was thinking that Kai would go to school for 1-2 days in New Zealand but ended up enrolling him for 3 days a week. Surprisingly, I haven’t had a lot of “extra” time. With all the set up of playing house and learning the ropes here it’s been a pretty busy first month.

Kai sporting his Christmas hat and tree getting pumped for his party

The teachers at Little Orchards Preschool are fantastic and most of them are “life ers.” It’s their career and where they want to be indefinitely so the energy is very warm and extremely professional. The outdoor area is huge and amazing. It’s fully equipped with a gigantic sandbox, daily water play stations, lots of toys, play structure and a swimming pool. The ratio is 1:1 for Kai’s age so he’ll be in the pool with only one instructor holding him. I love that ratio! It’s a very clean school and celebrates montessori learning style. Yah! I only wish we had a Little Orchards preschool back at home.