Azaela and Kai romping around on bunk beds. So fun to see Azaela in the Hood!

Kai working his ipad and mine. He learned that two screens are better than one from his daddy. :)

Kai at Waterfront Park in Hood River

Rock Climbing

I love this little face!

Walking to the pool in the pouring rain!
Funny story-I got the idea that we’d go swimming this rainy, nasty morning and forgot that I gave Sean my car. As we were getting ready to walk out the door, I remembered the car situation. I thought about it for a hot minute and then pulled out “The Show Must Go On” card that my parents taught me. We bundled up and loaded the Bob and off we went. About a 25 min walk, uphill in the pouring rain. Had a blast at the pool and it was so worth it!

At the pool and happy as clams!