I know, I know there are two SEX camps post baby. One camp can’t get enough and the other camp is secretly hoping your partner will “take care of themself.” Luckily, I fall into the first camp so my burning question is “When and where can we have sex when traveling with a baby.” Especially if you’re in a hotel room with the baby and want to avoid a Surfwise moment. I loved that documentary movie for their outrageous story but don’t want to follow in Doc’s footsteps. Nine kids living in a camper with their parents while they traveled around the world-Wow.

Here are my ideas on where and when to have sex when traveling with a baby.

1. Take advantage of Nap Time

It’s not too early and not to late in the day. Need I say more?

2.  Go for it when the baby first falls asleep at night.

For us, sleeping through the night is here and there. Some nights are better than others, such is life. So, my suggestion is to do it early before the nighttime chaos starts.

3. Shower Time

Especially, if you’re lucky enough to have two or more kids. Bless your heart! Get out your ipad and start the (save for emergencies) video. Or if you’re staying in a hotel room, put the baby in the crib for some independent play and head for the bathroom. Shower time can be a perfect time to have sex.

4. Become a Professional Quickie Master

That way you can squeeze it in during naptime and not worry about getting all worked up and then all let down if the baby wakes up unexpectedly.

5. Family Bathroom at the Airport

I haven’t done it and don’t plan on it. BUT, I think it’s a better option than an airplane bathroom. Look at all the hype the mile high club gets. I’m not a member or a fan of that club either but I am a flight attendant in my spare time. I’ve always thought if two people want to put their naked selves in that tiny, stinky bathroom more power to them. I’ve worked with flight attendants that get upset and want to interfere by knocking loudly and insisting they come out. Personally, I think the mile high club is disgusting because the airplane bathroom is like a gigantic petri dish to me. It’s been awhile since I’ve witnessed it but if I see two grown, healthy size people sneak into the airplane bathroom, I’m tempted to look the other way. However, life has changed since 9  11 and for security reasons probably couldn’t let it happen today.

However, that brings me back to the big, clean almost always available Family Bathroom at the airport. Let’s say you’re in a big, new, clean airport with lots of restrooms. And, it’s a morning flight so nobody has even used that place since yesterday. Let’s also say, your one little baby is fast asleep in his stroller. I say, game on!

It’s not perfect but sometimes you have to squeeze it in when you can. Predeparture sex sounds like a pretty good way to start a trip if you ask me.

Happy Traveling!