Recently, we took the circus to Maui. It was our first real vacation as a family of five. Traveling with twin infants and a 3 year old is pretty wild but I came up with a list of five must haves to make it easier on mama.

1. Ipad

The Ipad was only meant for Kai but Blaize and Pepper enjoyed a few Dora songs as well.

2. BYOS (Bring your own snacks/water container)

Clearly you can see that I brought plenty of my own! I brought snacks on the plane and a few empty water bottles. I had the flight attendants fill one up during the first service so I didn’t have to bug them for 10-3 ounce cups of water. We bought food on the plane as well but they did run out of choices so my balance bars and crackers were pretty popular. Bottom line, don’t count on the airlines to have milk for your kids and/or food for you. Bring your own!

3. Baby Ergos

A must have when traveling with babies! Even though you can’t “wear” your baby during take off and landing, you can during the rest of the trip. There is so much stimulation while traveling that the girls needed a little cozy cave where they could relax and take naps. Blaize also preferred eating her bottle while we snuggled in the ergo.

4. Extra Outfits and Bibs

As cute as they are, they sure are messy! We’re in the drooling/teething/eating phase and new outfits and bibs or “freshies” as I call them are in order all day long. I changed the girls’ outfits and bibs 3 or 4 times each on a 5 1/2 hr flight. It might sound like over kill to you but we all arrived in Maui without skin rashes so I was happy. I ended up changing my clothes too as someone peed or pooped on me-can’t remember who but was glad I had the extra clothes.

5. Stroller to Gate

This picture was taken at the Maui airport on the way home. I’m wearing a baby and holding Kai. I missed my stroller a lot that day.

I love to take the stroller to the gate for a couple of reasons. First, I love to strap them in! Especially Kai so he doesn’t take off running. It seems like a lot to bring the stroller through security but it’s always worth it for me. We also use the stroller like the homeless people use the shopping carts. We stack stuff in, under and on top of the stroller which is nice. Unfortunately, got a little fussy on our first day in Maui. Turns out the city select stroller doesn’t like to be pushed in soft sand with stuff in it. Lucky for me that we’re still in the warrenty time for the city select stroller and they have excellent customer service! A new frame and brakes are being fed exed as we speak.

Bottom line is that I could travel lighter and bring less but it’s only harder on me. Having the bumbo chairs for the girls to eat and their pak n plays to sleep in only made it easier to care for them. I remember hearing this as a little kid, there’s no bad weather just bad gear. Strangely, it’s a bit similar with babies. Vacations with babies are fun-just bring plenty of good gear!

Do you have your favorite five things you travel with? Love to hear em!