When I was pregnant I wondered how breastfeeding Kai would work? After he was born, I wondered how teaching spin classes and doing bikram yoga would affect my milk supply? Turns out it worked out beautifully, now the challenge is to stop.

Nursing 5 month old baby Kai at a EO event in Portland, OR

Initially, the goal was breastfeeding for 6 months which moved to 1 year which moved to 15 months. Now Kai is a healthy 21 month old boy and still loves his Mom-Mo (breastfeeding) time. He’s able to ask for it with sign language and verbally. He even asks for “other side” when he’s done with one boob. I used to think that if they can ask for it, they’re too old to nurse. Funny how things changed for me after having my own baby.

20 month old Kai having his “afternoon tea” in New Zealand

Of course, I know he gets nearly all of his nutrition from food and water. I also know that he’ll be just fine without Mom-mo milk. But, it’s so nice to give him that extra little comfort and nutrition because I can. We’ve weaned down to twice a day for a few months and are officially only nursing once a day as of 3 days ago. After his nap, he asks for his mom-mo milk constantly.  Taking out that post nap session has been a real bugger. Because he doesn’t take a bottle or cup of ANYTHING except water it’s tough to offer a similar alternative. However, I know that time and consistency will pay off eventually.  Distractions work okay but it’s mostly more work for me to take it away in the afternoon. Ideally, I wanted to let him stop on his own but am not sure if that would happen?

About a month ago, I saw some adorable calves in the field near our apartment lounging with their mamas. Driving by one day, I saw one particular calf nursing away and thought “oh my dog” that is one big baby! I giggled and said, that could be you Kai…

Anyway, as we embrace the new year with new possibilities, I think weaning is the next step. Although, we did wean down to once a day last November for a week but I ended up bringing it back. Supply and demand baby. The human body is amazing!

A few tips I’ve picked up for weaning:

1. Have a yummy snack ready to offer with their drink of choice

2. Dora the explorer is my friend

3. Distract, cuddle and play as much as possible!

4. Keep those boobies covered, once he sees them he wants them (No changing into my swimsuit in front of him)