I am happy to say goodbye to 2012 and hello to the new year! Aside from my beautiful MoMo babies being born and coming home, 2012 kicked my butt! Mentally, physically and with my MoMo pregnancy starting in April-I am pooped. We lived in 4 houses, 2 countries and 2 states in 2012.

Strapped to the fetal monitors before our MoMo girls were born. Enjoying a hospital dinner with Kai while he feasted on the daily movie Nemo for 32 days.

It’s cold outside and very grey but I don’t care. Today, I love myself and my family! I’m grateful for a healthy body that helped create two beautiful little girls. I’m grateful for a body that stretched itself to it’s limit and now produces enough breast milk to feed four babies let alone two babies.

After 8 months of sacrifice, worry and morning sickness that lasted all day (I started taking zofran for unbelievable morning sickness at 16 weeks, which was pushed on me by my perinatologist. Thank God because it was a game changer! I continued taking zofran until the day the girls were born) I got to snuggle my little MoMo angels.

I’m grateful for our little boy named Kai who is funny and full of life ALL THE TIME.

Kai sporting my sunnies upside down with his “nude outfit” (which is all the time at home) We can barely get clothes on our little nudist :)

I’m grateful for a husband that has held my hand all year through the thick and the thin of life. He continues to support, love and push the boundries of what’s possible with a family with three kids under the age of three.

Sean squeezing in a little work on my hospital bed

Sean taking a 5min nap in Kai’s room at the end of the day before we feed the girls for the 6th time that day.

Travel in 2013 here we come! 3 carseats, 1 double BOB stroller, 1 single BOB stroller, countless bottles, binkys, thomas trains, surfboards, 2 travel pak n play bassinet/cribs along with the usual gadgets (iphone, ipad, laptops, kindle, bose travel music player, headphones) I called myself the CEO of packing in our family BEFORE the girls were born. In my mind, I just got promoted… Doubt I’ll be on the floor at pdx trying to stuff hundreds of protein bars in my carry on bag to avoid the extra charge for checked bags weighing more than 50lbs for our annual New Zealand trip in 2013. Pretty sure I’ll be wearing at least one baby and will have my hands full to say the least.

Blaize and Pepper-worth every tear and gray hair!

Let the good times roll!