Today is a big day. First, it’s Friday and I love my Aloha Fridays!

Second, I checked into the hospital to give these special Momo babies the best possible chance for a healthy life.

I will live here until the babies are born at 32 weeks. Hoping that my stay is uneventful for 4 1/2 weeks and that I don’t lose my mind with aggressive fetal monitoring.

My perinatologist has been telling me for 16 weeks that continuous or aggressive monitoring is impossible for most people. I figure that’s why I’m moving into the hospital so I want to at least try for as much monitoring as I can tolerate. Fetal monitoring is ┬ásedentary, physically uncomfortable and a little narotic. For me, it couldn’t be for a better cause-bringing some healthy babies!

27 weeks and 4 days pregnant with momo twins. My last morning at home before checking into the hospital

Sean wheeling all “my stuff” into my hospital home

Day 1 of electronic fetal monitoring, so far so good!