Attitude is Everything

I first heard this saying as a little girl from my parents. Wise people they are!

Recently, I flew from Portland, OR to Long Beach, CA on JetBlue airlines. It was my first personal trip on an airplane alone (since having Kai). I shopped around because Spring Break airline prices were so expensive. I found and bought my cheapest ticket here which was with JetBlue.

It was an early flight with a 7am departure. I’m not an early bird and have always thought waking up at 5 am is like waking up in the middle of the night. So, it was an early morning but I had a good attitude. Parking and riding the shuttle was quick and easy. TSA line was long and packed full of people. TSA guy was super nice and exclaimed what a “smart traveler” I was when I forged ahead of a distraught woman clogging the belt by trying to place one item at a time in the gray bin. She had all her stuff at the end of the belt so no one else could load their things in the gray bins. After getting puffed for the first time at PDX I husseled over to the intimidating line at Starbucks. Talk about efficient and friendly. A woman was taking drink orders from the line and writing them on drink sleeves. There were 4 baristas making drinks behind the bar and 3 cashier lines. I ordered my drink and within 5 minutes was cradling my perfect americano and walking to the gate. Gate agents were very pleasant and super friendly.

Flight attendants were very professional and friendly. I noticed the flight attendants had delivered the drinks and snacks. Maybe I got lucky with the nice friendly, TSA guy, gate agents and flight attendants. Or maybe it was my good attitude? It doesn’t really matter because I love travel days like these. Easy, efficient and no drama. Sometimes things just flow and it’s glorious and wonderful!

Safe and happy travels.