Today, I’m devouring my new book called Fifty Shades of Grey. I first heard about it while visiting my girlfriend in Orange County. We saw the author on 20/20 and heard her talk about her rising fame from the book. By the way, the author is a frumpy looking married woman in her fifties or so with two teenage boys.

Paying my meter in Portland after getting my hair done. It’s a real treat going to Tiffany at Bouffant Salon because she’s a magician with color!

I bought the book on my kindle about 2 weeks ago and have been devouring it ever since. I’m a slow reader so finishing a book in a couple of weeks is fast for me. I bought one for my hairstylist after she did my hair in Portland last week. Funny part is I bounced into Powell’s asking for “Fifty Shades of Grey,” at the information desk and the nice man smiled and said, Ah yes that’s going to be in the Gold room in the erotica section. I giggled a little and said of course it is. You don’t know what “section” a book is when you buy it on your kindle. But I had a hunch because this book is the raciest, wildest book I’ve ever read. Good news is that my littlest sister is reading it too and is on the 2nd book of three. She claims the second book might be better! Good times.