Wow, this is a big subject and I’m not sure there’s enough research to support either side. I know there is a lot of hub bub about working out while pregnant so I can only speak from my own experience. That being said, I wonder, “does yoga cause breech babies?” I did a ton of power vinyasa yoga while I was pregnant with Kai about 3 days a week. In addition, to the yoga classes I ran up to 32 weeks and taught spin classes right up to the end-36 hours before my c-section.

Teaching spin class while pregnant with Kai

I can name 3 women, including me who participated in a ton of yoga, (bikram and power vinyasa) while pregnant AND had breech babies. Of course, the medical community says there isn’t a connection to anything and breech babies are rare with less than 4% of all pregnancies turning or staying breech past 37 weeks in the US.

Of course, it’s rare to see a belly in a spin class or progressive yoga class so part of knowing 2 other women who had breech babies and did yoga while pregnant is because there aren’t a lot of us out there. However, if I could do it over I wouldn’t change a thing. I think working out while pregnant is like taking a prenatal vitamin, you’ve gotta do it.

We’d hired a doula and had two doctors tell me that Kai was head down so we were “planning” on a natural labor and delivery. I was quite shocked when I found out that Kai was a frank breech baby at 37 weeks. Here’s where I learned what a frank breech position was.

We tried a few natural tricks (music, pelvic tilts and moxibustion) to encourage Kai to spin around but I was avidly against the external version. Personally, I didn’t feel comfortable having my doctor forcefully push on my uterus at 37 1/2 weeks pregnant. He had weighed 7 1/2 pounds via the ultrasound at 37 weeks which usually was accurate up to 1 pound on either side. The best decision I made was letting baby Kai be how he was and NOT listening to my doula who wanted me to labor down with a frank breech baby.

How appropriate that I titled finding out about Kai being breech back in June 2010 My Yoga Baby.

As I look back nearly 2 years later, I wonder did all the yoga and working out cause Kai to get stuck in his own yoga position? I’m just sayin…