Like most people, I think of chunky babies weighing around 8-10 pounds. Well, it’s a little different with twins and a whole nother ball of wax with momo twins. Because momo twins share a sac and placenta the standard care is to deliver via c section between 32-34 weeks. Therefore, most momo babies only weigh 2-4 pounds each. Seeing a 3 pound baby is a whole different deal and takes some getting used to. Of course, I wish I could let my little babies grow big and strong in my belly but am way more attached to bringing 2 healthy babies home.

One of my perinatologists wanted to push past 32 weeks but also told me she had a 50% still born rate with momo twins. No thank you. Because as the babies get bigger, they run out of room and cord accidents can increase.

So, I’ve adjusted my idea of chunky twin babies. Still hoping for 1500 grams or 3 pounds 5 ounces each. We’ve heard that babies born at 32 weeks or later and weighing 1500 grams or more generally do better in the Nicu.

Bring me some chunky 32 week momo twins babies!