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Does Swimming Cause More Cord Entanglement And Cord Compression While Pregnant With MoMo Twins?

Does swimming cause more cord entanglement and cord compression while pregnant with MoMo twins? I’d say no but some people think any extra movement may cause more cord entanglement and cord compression? The two things we’re trying to avoid with these special twin girls. I’d say it’s split down the middle with 50% of experts […]


It’s Day 5 of my 4 1/2 week inpatient stay for us today! I’m starting to get a little routine and schedule which is nice. I also got some sleep last night for the first time in 5 days! Taking a lover’s walk outside at the hospital

Going Inpatient With Mono Mono Twins

Today is a big day. First, it’s Friday and I love my Aloha Fridays! Second, I checked into the hospital to give these special Momo babies the best possible chance for a healthy life. I will live here until the babies are born at 32 weeks. Hoping that my stay is uneventful for 4 1/2 […]

Kai, Dora and I photo

It’s my 3rd day of being inpatient with MoMo Twins. Hoping that we get 29 more days in the hospital to let these babies grow! Having a snuggle with Kai and Dora Life is good!

Smudging My Hospital Room with Sage

I decided to smudge my hospital room before my inpatient stay with Momo twins and am very happy I did. I’m hoping to be here for a little over 4 weeks. If all goes well on the monitors, we’ll get to meet our miracle baby girls at 32 weeks gestation which is just after Thanksgiving. […]