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23 Weeks Pregnant With Monoamniotic Monochorianic Twins

Maybe, I’ll write about all the hard stuff (endless dreary Dr. appts, constant ultrasounds to check for heartbeats, no working out, subchorionic hematoma (vaginal bleeding for 2 months, Bedrest, scary trip to San Fran for consult about fetal surgery-which we didn’t need-Thank God! constant morning sickness and carpel tunnel syndrome) but not today. Today, I’m […]

Swimming While Pregnant With MoMo Twins

I can’t say I love swimming as a workout. In fact, I would call myself a “workout snob.” However, beggars can’t be choosers. I haven’t been able to workout (running, spinning, power yoga) during this pregnancy so took up swimming a few months ago. It’s a far cry from being pregnant with Kai where I […]

Montessori Preschool For Toddlers

Kai started Montessori Preschool last week. He has two teachers or guides- one speaks english and the other one only speaks spanish. After the first two days, Kai said “I like it!” when asked about school. This week has been a little different with him saying “I don’t want my school” on the way there. […]

My Week At The Montessori Institute In Portland

I signed up for a week long training of Montessori 101 at the Montessori Institute in Portland, OR. It’s a 30 hour course and AMI (American Montessori International) certified. There were about 15 assistant teachers in the class and me. It’s open to the public and sometimes they get parents but usually it’s teachers looking […]