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World Domination Summit In Portland OR

Sean and I attended the second annual World Domination Summit (WDS) in Portland this past weekend. Portland’s very own Chris Guillebeau started World Domination as a meeting where people can get together and talk about how to live a remarkable life in a conventional world. It was without a doubt, the best weekend I’ve had […]

My Appointment With A High Risk Pregnancy Doctor

Originally, we went to have our first trimester screening done and ended up seeing a high risk pregnancy doctor. After at least an hour of ultrasound time, the doctor came in to tell us about not seeing a membrane between the babies. I knew what that meant because our 9 1/2 week ultrasound tech and […]

Pregnancy Weight Gain With Twins

After we found out we were pregnant with twins at 9 weeks (the second ultrasound) my OB GYN broke down the details for me. One of many reasons why I love Dr. Jenna Murray at Good Sam Women’s Health. She knows I love to workout and live healthy so she didn’t hold back when she […]

Resting While 11 Weeks Pregnant Sucks

I’m officially 11 weeks now and am so sick of resting. I haven’t worked out for over 4 weeks and am going stir crazy. I’ve been too sick to read or do much of anything. I’m tired of eating toast and mac and cheese but that seems to be the only things I can choke […]

9 Weeks Pregnant-Calling it Morning Sickness is Ridiculous

Wow, morning sickness is more like all day sickness! I knew this but had forgotten how debilitating “morning sickness” can be. I hate to complain so I’ll just share the facts. 1. I’m elated to be pregnant and pregnant with twins, no less! 2. I feel icky (nauseous with a vengeance) all day but it’s […]