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Storytime in Hood River

Storytime in Hood River is on Wednesday and Thursday at 10:30am for 1/2 hour. One librarian leads the group in song and dance and reads a couple of books. Afterwards, people can hang out and color pictures. We’ve only been to one storytime in Hood River but the teacher in While Salmon seemed more engaging […]

Does My Nike Fuel Band Work During Spin Class?

Yes, IF you strap it to your shoe. It took me a few classes to figure out that I wasn’t getting the credit I deserved during my spin classes. The Nike Fuel band detects motion and there isn’t a lot of motion happening around your wrist during a spin class. Anyway, after visiting with the […]

Running In Hood River

So far, running in Hood River has been incredible! It’s a hilly little town with close access to lots of fabulous trails. Today, I’ll be hitting the stairs that lead to an awesome dirt trail called Indian Creek Trail. Happy Trails! This is a beautiful paved trail (perfect for running with Kai) that is only […]

Fifty Shades Of Grey Book

Today, I’m devouring my new book called Fifty Shades of Grey. I first heard about it while visiting my girlfriend in Orange County. We saw the author on 20/20 and heard her talk about her rising fame from the book. By the way, the author is a frumpy looking married woman in her fifties or […]

Best Toddler Sunglasses

Kai chillin in his new sunglasses! I can hardly keep a straight face when I look at Kai in his new sunglasses. He loves them! They look really comfortable and imagine they are because he actually wears them. He was complaining about the sun getting in his eyes so I searched high and low for […]