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Happy 2nd Birthday Baby Kai-My Birthday Wish For You

Happy Birthday Baby Kai! I used to wonder how people could comment on “how fast” it goes when raising kids? Personally, I thought the first 3 months of Kai’s life was pretty slow going. However, once he turned one, time started to pick up and it’s been picking up ever since. It’s mind boggling how […]

Bambinos International Learning Center In Hood River

I was so excited when I found Bambinos International School online when traveling in New Zealand. We enrolled Kai for 3 days a week and I was so pumped about the Spanish Immersion program. Kai was only there for a day and 1/2. Having a snuggle at home in the morning The Bambino website and […]

Flying On JetBlue As A Passenger Was A Good Experience

Attitude is Everything I first heard this saying as a little girl from my parents. Wise people they are! Recently, I flew from Portland, OR to Long Beach, CA on JetBlue airlines. It was my first personal trip on an airplane alone (since having Kai). I shopped around because Spring Break airline prices were so […]

Can you be an awesome spin instructor and yoga teacher?

Can you be an awesome spin instructor and yoga teacher? No. Or I haven’t met you yet. Rarely do I get to experience a yoga/spin teacher. Taking a spin class as a student When I find an incredible yoga teacher who also teaches spin I’ve often wondered how does that work? Recently, I experienced this […]

Reverse Culture Shock – Returning To America

We’ve been back in America for 2 weeks and the reverse cultural shock has been surprisingly wonderful for me. We were lucky enough to stay with family for the first week which was amazing! Seeing family after traveling afar is really special especially with a toddler. Chachacha-Changes! I feel like Kai has really blossomed into […]