Archives for March 2012

Kai Loves To Bake

Lately, Kai has been into helping me in the kitchen and I love it! Kai concentrating on making muffins A proud baker face

One Day At Play Centre In New Zealand

Kai jammin on the rocking horse I love to stand up! Taking the baby for a stroll Whoops, good thing the baby had her seatbelt on! Drumming with Rose Spreading glue everywhere (I went around the corner for a second and came back to see Kai spreading glue everywhere. I made a face like eeehh […]

Is It Okay To Leave Your Toddler In The Car For A Minute While You Pay For Gas?

As we were driving in Ohope, Beach my husband and I starting talking about leaving toddlers in the car, just for a minute. We needed to get gas and I was telling him how hard it was to pump, and pay inside with a wiggling, heavy toddler. Just leave him in the car, he exclaimed. […]

My 21 Month Old Photographer In The Making

About a month ago, Kai figured out how to take pictures with my iphone. He really likes it and gets excited when we flip the camera to support self photos. Here’s to the long arm photo! Kai using the “long arm technique” Kai tickled pink with his self photo Kai being creative with the 1/2 […]

Undies, Undies, Undies

Kai wasn’t into wearing his diaper this morning and started chanting undies, undies, undies! Okay then, I’m just the mom so off with the nappie and on with the undies. When it was time to drive to school, I somehow distracted him long enough to put a diaper on without a meltdown. I wasn’t sure […]