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Playcentre In Ohope New Zealand Is A Toddler’s Paradise

Playcentre has been an amazing part of our New Zealand experience. We show up at 9am to help set up on Tue and Thurs mornings and play until noon. There’s a huge outdoor play structure, swing sets, 2 sandboxes, water play station, carpentry shop, bike track, indoor play area with musical instruments, babydolls, art stations, […]

Toddler Gymnastics In Whakatane, New Zealand

Kai lining up the froggies on the mini balance beam I’ve been passing this big, gray building in Whakatane labeled Gymnastics for awhile now. I finally stopped to check it out and enrolled Kai in gymnastics class. Yah! There are lots of poles/bars, trampolines, mats and climbing stairs. It’s a mixed age class of 2-4 […]

Yumm Sauce In New Zealand

Women in Ohope Beach, New Zealand make everything from scratch. Or least, all of my friends do. Fresh, fresh, fresh. Sure I love to eat healthy but have been amazed by my mama friends who make everything from scratch. One of my mama friends gave me an idea to make my own yumm sauce since […]

Rolling It Out Everyday In New Zealand

Kai and I sharing the foam roller in our living room. I’ve been a huge fan of the foam roller for years! I used to like it for my legs and still do but the real treat is that it pops my back. Of course, when we got to New Zealand, I immediately started searching […]

Tandem Breastfeeding

My first impression of tandem breastfeeding was two summers ago when I saw a book about it. There was a picture of a toddler child and a tiny infant nursing at the same time. I had 3 month old baby Kai packed in my ergo and raised my eyebrows and scoffed at the idea. I […]