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A Day In The Life Of Kai

Kai has a pretty sweet life here in New Zealand. Our typical day starts around 6:30am with some breakfast boob (yes, I am the longest “weaner” alive). Then eggs, toast and lots of water before we walk to play centre. Kai getting his gloup on at play centre After a 3 hour play session we […]

I’ll Be Right Back

Kai chowing on a banana and telling me he’ll be right back I started saying to Kai “I’ll be right back” when he was just a little baby and I needed to get something. Over the past few months he’s taken to it and says it to us all the time. Sometimes he actually walks […]

Toddler Eating Is Always Changing

Kai chowing on his second banana this morning Toddler eating is funny. It’s messy, it’s finicky and it’s always changing. Yesterday Kai ate 4 bananas all in a row and managed to put away 2 this morning before 8am. He might refuse bananas for a month now, it’s happened before. I stocked up today just […]

Who Needs A Housekeeper With A Toddler?

Lately, Kai is really into “helping” me clean our apartment. Whether it’s sweeping, vaccuming or washing dishes, he’s ready to help! Kai vaccuming Kai washing dishes

Does Yoga Cause Breech Babies?

Wow, this is a big subject and I’m not sure there’s enough research to support either side. I know there is a lot of hub bub about working out while pregnant so I can only speak from my own experience. That being said, I wonder, “does yoga cause breech babies?” I did a ton of […]