Archives for January 2012

What Roots?

Sporting my black hair color just a couple of months earlier When I decided to color my hair from black to blonde I was eager to get it done. It didn’t matter that I had 5 years of permanent black hair color on my hair or that I only had 3 weeks to do it. […]

Ordering Coffee In New Zealand Is Tricky

My perfect Americano in New Zealand Where’s the Starbucks? Not here, not in Ohope or Whakatane New Zealand. Instead, it’s a Long Black or a Flat White. I added the link of my video from 3 years ago talking about the Long Black or Flat White, some things never change. Except maybe my hair color. […]

Pump First Pay Later In New Zealand

Yes, we pump first and pay later in New Zealand. I felt a little stupid when I was searching around the pump nozzles to slide my credit card. I waited for someone to pull up next to me and asked where do I pay? He said where are you from and I replied, the States. […]

YogaGlo Is The Answer

I’m over the hump of my 30 day yoga challenge. I’ve been whimpering and whining about missing my yoga classes in New Zealand so decided to do something about it. I went online and found a beautiful site called YogaGlo. It has over a 1,000 yoga classes to choose from where you can pick the […]

Trail Running In Ohope Beach New Zealand

I tried a new trail run last week and this was the start of my hour long adventure! I’m not a big fan of stairs so was a little surprised to see so many. Like all the trail running here in Ohope Beach, it was an ass kicker.