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How Do I Stop Breastfeeding My 21 Month Old?

When I was pregnant I wondered how breastfeeding Kai would work? After he was born, I wondered how teaching spin classes and doing bikram yoga would affect my milk supply? Turns out it worked out beautifully, now the challenge is to stop. Nursing 5 month old baby Kai at a EO event in Portland, OR Initially, […]

My Wasp Sting In New Zealand

This is a picture 3 days after my wasp sting (Still red, itchy and sore) Besides last week, I can’t remember the last time I was stung by a bee or a wasp? Last Tuesday, Kai and I were driving to the West End for a beach playdate. As I got out of the car, […]

Kai’s Friends In New Zealand

Kai kicking back taking a ride in Ella’s baby stroller   Ella trying to get a turn on the ipad after her big brother Ethan went to bed Kai carpooling with his New Zealand buddies. Eleanor, Ollie and Isack in the far back seat   Kai and Ella having a lovely dinner date together Kai […]

Ohope Beach Trail Running Is My Medicine

I love trail running. It makes me happy and calms my mind. “It is my medicine.” I can rock out to my music and solve all my dilemmas while trail running. The footing can be a little slippery and steep to say the least so I have to watch my step. But it’s always worth […]

People In Ohope Beach New Zealand Are Magic

The Bakers and crew My favorite girlfriends! Louise and Ella (Kai’s girlfriend), and Ethan, Kai and me, Sarah, Tina and Eleanor (Kai’s other girlfriend) Mike (Sarah’s hubby) or “Boom Boom” as we like to call him