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Travel Checklist When Traveling With A Toddler

Sure, I can buy diapers and food when we get to where we’re going but it’s not the same… We are in Ohope, New Zealand and I’ve still got a lot to learn about packing for our trips. I am the CEO of packing in our family and try and mix it up everytime. I […]

Zero Food Waste In New Zealand

As I was grocery shopping today, I was a little on edge walking through the meat department. It isn’t as graphic as the hanging meat in Singapore’s Chinatown but it’s still interesting. Sausage is super popular here as it’s the token meat at barbecues. I’ve grown quite fond of the sausage but can’t say I’ll […]

Makeup Is Expensive In New Zealand

Yep, good ole mabelline mascara is $23.99 Elizabeth Arden lipstick is $50 and OPI nail polish is $24.99. Yikes, glad I brought my own makeup from America. I’m just saying…

Little Orchards Preschool In Whakatane New Zealand Rocks

                 Kai and his buddy Cole saying goodbye at the window Kai has been going to school here in New Zealand for nearly 3 weeks now. The first 2 weeks were an adjustment for both of us but it’s showing to be an awesome decision. I was thinking that Kai would go to school for […]

Culture Shock In New Zealand

Okay, english is the spoken language in New Zealand but like everything else, it is slightly different. Don’t get me wrong, it is exhilerating being in a new country and basking in their summer but there is a lot to do. Buying a car, buying car insurance (or at least trying to get a quote) […]